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We offer a full array of tools and services to let you focus on the critical parts of your business


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Custom Business Software

We help companies get the most out of the software they use to run their businesses.

Training Content Development

We have an experienced, instructional design team that is skilled at creating engaging, effective on-line courses--whether you want to create a course from scratch, update existing courses, or translate in-person training to on-line 


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Full Suite of Services to Support Training Companies

Many of our customers are training companies that provide training to very demanding external audiences, in industries ranging from finance to health care and the public sector. They want a partner who can focus on the mechanics of their business so that they can focus on their customers.

We provide a full suite of services, from implementing and supporting the eFront learning management system to customizing the platform, integrating it with other systems, and even administering the platform for our customers so they can attend to the areas where they add the most value.

Scale to Support Large Corporations

Other customers are providing general HR training as well as compliance and safety training. They usually need a dedicated instance of the LMS, an integration with their HRIS platform, and easy ways to manage recurring training and certifications.

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End-to-End System Integrations

We find that a lot of companies have as many as five or six major applications they use to run their businesses, from bidding software to project management applications, accounting systems, and ordering systems. We are expert at integrating the systems to improve speed, efficiency, and the accuracy of the data.

For example, in the construction or manufacturing world, we are able to integrate your ERP and accounting systems into your customers' online order platforms and into your vendors' systems giving clear visibility throughout the supply chain.

Custom Business Applications

Even the simplest businesses can be complicated. Many of our customers have custom-built applications that they use to manage their businesses--businesses as diverse as manufacturing and construction to healthcare and space leasing companies. 

Many of these systems are 2o+ years old, hard to support, and even harder to use. We spend time understanding your business requirements and workflows, and then build modern, flexible systems to improve your efficiency and the integrity of your data.

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