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DHx is a digital learning and custom software development firm with expertise in system implementation, application development,  and data management. We are focused on providing the tools and software our customers need to meet their business goals.

Even though we are a technical firm, we focus on solving business problems and building projects in a way that addresses our customers’ priorities and constraints. Your business’s success is our success.

Our History

DHx was formed in July of 2014 after our core team worked together on a consulting project. We realized that traditional technology teams are often run by people who understand technology but have no background in business. This puts them at a disadvantage when working with other businesses. Our team of experts provides a refreshing approach that solves technology problems in a way that works for the business.

Our team focuses on helping customers solve problems that range from supporting old systems to implementing new ones. We are committed to providing the best possible outcome by combining great people with advanced technology and reliable systems.

We expanded our offerings in 2015 when we established a relationship with eFront Learning, an enterprise talent management company. We became an IBM Connections partner in early 2016, which allowed us to deliver even better enterprise talent management solutions to our customers.

What We Do

Digital Learning

We implement and customize the eFront and Talent LMS learning management systems. While they are intuitive, fully functioned LMS systems out of the box, both eFront and Talent features a flexible, open platform that allows us to add functionality for individual customers. They also feature a REST API that allows us to efficiently integrate it with external applications.

In addition to implementing the platform, we offer customers high quality Instructional Design services building new courses, digitizing face-to-face courses and updating older courses. We also offer on-going support and maintenance, giving our customers the backing of a full IT and development team. Some of our eFront and Talent customers include:

  • a major children’s hospital that has created cardiac training materials for over 6000 physicians
  • a training company that provides financial ethics training to 30,000 people across 600 of the largest financial institutions globally
  • a bank in the Caribbean that provides compliance training to 3500 employees across 13 islands
  • a large retail chain with nearly 10,000 employees
  • an oil and gas certification company that provides training to nearly 30,000 technicians

Custom Software Development

We create custom software solutions that help businesses like yours achieve their business goals, increase efficiency, and boost business performance. Our custom software solutions range from CRM to ERP to customer portals, Learning Management Systems, and more.

Our customers vary in size and industry, and they all have similar concerns and constraints -- just like your business. You produce value for your customers by providing incredible products and services. You rely on software and systems to run your businesses but may not have the technical resources to support these systems -- and for good reason. 

Fractional Software Support

It’s time-consuming and expensive to recruit, hire, train, and maintain good technical talent and many companies simply cannot justify the ongoing effort and expense to do so. Equally, many executives and teams do not have the background to effectively manage technical teams, and the vast majority of technical people do not have the business acumen or background to understand the business problems that need to be solved and why.

From the ground up, DHX Software has been designed for the purpose of helping businesses provide world-class digital learning solutions and software services to their internal and external customers. We provide our customers with world-class support on a fractional basis.

What does world-class fractional support look like?

  • We recruit, train, and retain your expensive technical talent for you
  • We handle holidays and vacations
  • We allocate the right talent to the business concern
  • We ensure that our portfolio of services is broad enough to cover your bases

We create a clear demarcation point between where our customers’ expertise ends and ours begins, eliminating your need to build an expensive and expansive internal team. 

We work with business owners and leaders that understand what their businesses need, where their strengths are, the difference between the two, and who are interested in working with quality firms that can fill the gaps.

Our Expertise

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of service and support offerings that can be utilized on a customized or ala carte basis.

Wide range of technical expertise:

  • Support services
  • Application development 
  • Microsoft
  • PHP
  • SQL Server / MySQL
  • Mobile (Hybrid / Native)
  • Website and Creative 
  • AWS Cloud services
  • Instructional Design
  • LMS Administration 
  • Learning Solutions Platform Management 
  • Content / Course Providers

Our Team

The DHx Software founders have varied technology backgrounds from startups to mature going concerns, bringing years of business experience from publicly traded companies like Motorola and USWeb. 

Our team is made up of professionals with backgrounds working in startups, corporations, and learning management positions with decades of technology experience. The DHx history includes multiple startups, nine acquisitions, multiple divestitures, participation in IPOs, fundraising, product development, and more. Our technology and business background has allowed us to complete hundreds of technology-based projects from Barbados to Seattle.

Our knowledge also includes .NET, PHP, AngularJS/Node.js, HTML5/CSS3 and mobile frameworks with experience that includes SaaS, ecommerce and enterprise applications. Our portfolio includes designing complex data bases, migrating data between enterprise data bases and creating custom predictive analytics. Contact us to find out how we can apply our experience and expertise to solve your business technology problems.

Bruce Hunter DHx Software


Experienced software products leader with experience working with global teams and customers, ability to develop deep relationships across and between organizations, excellent communication skills, and technical depth. 

Experience and expertise in:

  • eLearning 
  • Software Development 
  • Software as a Service 
  • Software Services
  • Strategic Alliances 
  • Business Development
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Business Processes
  • Project Management

Spent 12 years with the Motorola Computer Group managing networking products for the telecommunications network. Also, managed global relationships with software vendors in the embedded space.

Spent 12 years as a big brother for big brothers big sisters


Masters of Business Administration, University of Phoenix, 2000.

M.A. in English, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 1994.

B.A. in Physics and English, Honors College, University of Oregon, Magna cum Laude, 1990. 


Judge, Arizona Innovation Challenge, 2012-2019

Recruiting Director, Arizona Chapter of the Cleantech Open, 2014-2016

Motorola CEO Award for Volunteerism, 2002

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Arizona, 1997-2006

Jim Ducket DHx Software


An experienced entrepreneur and business leader with experience in building teams and organizations. 

Innovative, results-oriented professional with specific expertise in sales, business development, marketing, and business operations.  Extensive experience building and leading teams driving revenues, finding and developing new customers, and strategic partner relationships.  My business background provides me with the credibility to work at the highest levels within any organization producing win-win results.

Extensive qualifications in all aspects of strategy and planning revenue generation; profit development, strategic planning, analysis, M & A, marketing, finance, and operations.  

Key Accomplishments:

  • Co-founded four companies
  • Created hundreds of jobs
  • Participated and led initiatives in nine acquisitions
  • Successfully sold five businesses
  • Participated in two IPO’s
  • Held leadership positions in eight companies
  • Produced over $1B in revenues
  • Helped employees and colleagues meet and exceed both personal and business objectives


The Aji Network – Business Professionals Course

Western Kentucky University – Business Course sponsored by General Electric

Utah Valley State College – Accounting and Business


Arizona Commerce Authority – Venture Ready Panelist and Mentor

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation – Advisory Board Member

Tech America – Board Member

Arizona Technology Council – CEO Group

Custom Software Case Studies

  • SaaS
  • Flight Safety
  • Contractor
  • Renewables
  • Manufacturing

Client Overview:

SaaS Provider offers a portfolio of software applications that automate contract management, financial, royalty and creative operations through web-based solutions for licensors, agents and licensees. In just ten years, they have quickly become the #1 solution vendor for your automated licensing, approval and financial compliance processes.

Business Problem:

Unlike product and software development. Customer onboarding efforts require specialized application integration, data migration and testing capabilities. Equally, due to business cyclicality, having full time staff to accomplish those tasks is a financial burden creative partnering can solve.

Solution Provided:

DHx Software established a technical onboarding team including senior architect/engineering, project coordination, development, and testing team members. The DHx team was integrated into the delivery organization providing complete onboarding services for companies such as SONY, Real Madrid, Viacom, Activision and more while the internal development team continues to build and implement new and innovative features and functions into the application and product portfolio.

Business Benefits:

Our client benefits in multiple ways. First, the internal development organization is able to focus on developing and implementing new features for their customers. Second, the company can onboard and add new customers to their platform increasing revenue and market share without interrupting their normal development cycle. Equally, our client is able to leverage a model whereby they have a team with established internal relationships and only pay when the services are needed.

Client Overview:

Flight Safety systems provider enables flyer safety by providing pilots, managers, and other aviation professionals with the information and tools they need to make smart decisions. We help answer the fundamental question: “How do you know what you don’t know?”

Business Problem:

The platform has been gaining more and more clients providing sophisticated safety tools for a wide range of pilots. These public and private aircraft pilots alike are rapidly adopting new and innovative mobile technologies including iPhone, iPAD, Android and Microsoft devices requiring the team to provide their tools on a wide range of mobile devices.
Mobile development is a specialized skillset and the executive team decided to use an outside firm instead of onboarding new talent to build their application.

Solution Provided:

DHx Software worked with the client team to design and develop a full-featured mobile application now serving  our client’s customers.  In addition to designing and building the application, DHx worked with Apple and Google to accept the application within their specific store guidelines.  DHx continues to offer support services for new releases and maintenance services.

Business Benefits:

The client is now able to aggressively go after this new and lucrative mobile marketplace attracting new customers and growing revenues.  They were able to leverage a technical team to accomplish their objectives without making a long-term hiring commitment to an expensive mobile development team.  DHx continues to grow and development mobile expertise that can be utilized by the client only when appropriate and needed.

Client Overview:

Commercial Contractor is a family-owned, commercial general contractor founded in 1991. They provide a full range of renovation and new construction services to commercial, industrial, educational, healthcare, hospitality, energy and mission critical clients with operations in a number of states.

Business Problem:

The client uses a partially automated system for background and drug screening, testing and badging employees and contractors working on job sites. As part of the employee continuing education program, they repeat the testing process on a yearly basis. With proper automation, both risk and costs can be reduced for our client and their contractors and efficiencies can be gained.

Solution Provided:

The client team embarked on the development of the application with a contractor that didn’t have the necessary skills to complete the work.  DHx was referred to client management and an initial engagement was set.  The project included fully understanding the business process and technical components that currently existed while fixing outstanding issues.  New functionality has been identified and subsequent work is underway.  DHx was able to complete the first phase of the efforts on budget and within three short weeks.

Business Benefits:

The new badging application is now functioning providing our client with the ability to stop using multiple systems.  The new functionality will dramatically increase productivity and reduce errors.  Equally, the maintenance and storage of sensitive information is now secure and easily managed.  The net benefits are, redeployment of human resources to other tasks, efficient collection of funds, secure management of sensitive information all while providing employees and contractors an easier way to work with our client.

Client Overview:

Renewables company offers a comprehensive portfolio of green energy solutions. They provide several practical clean energy alternatives that help their customers become a leader in the growing environmental movement. Our client provides Direct Access services, Onsite Generation, Renewable Energy Credit Management, Green Power Scheduling and Consulting services.

Business Problem:

The company wants to expand services into new markets whereby automation technologies tools will be required.  The company has developed an exceptional local system enabling backend processing of reading meters, invoicing customer, reconciling bills from suppliers and more.  To attack these new markets the application and services need to be expanded in both functionality as well as new SaaS based technology.  The internal team is expert on business logic and the industry yet are not current on the newer technologies needed to exploit the business opportunities.

Solution Provided:

The DHx team is working directly with the executive and develop team and is now part of the overall product project team.  The existing product development lead is now driving much of the product development team by guiding the business logic and new functionality.  DHx has developed a comprehensive development team supporting those efforts including technical architect, project coordinator, development, and testing teams.  The old application has been replicated with newer technologies and a product roadmap for future features and functionality is being developed.

Business Benefits:

A new business application that can fully exploit newer technologies touching and attracting a significantly larger customer base has been built without the investment of a fully staffed development team.  Equally, DHx was able to integrate the existing team into the process preserving critical internal knowledge and relationships between the owner and his original team.  Further, a support and maintenance structure has been developed providing cost effective support and maintenance services for the business.  Key benefits are new markets, more revenues, significant customer reach and a cost effective development and support strategy.

Client Overview:

Manufacturing company is in the business of providing replacement parts and accessories for evaporative coolers. Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, it is owned and operated by the same family that founded it in 1965. The company is the undisputed industry leader, with the broadest product assortment and packaging options available. Products are sold by all of the major hardware retailers in the USA, including The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Wal-Mart, Ace Hardware, True Value, and Do it Best.

Business Problem:

The founder of the company is handing over the business to his sons and is in the process of retiring.  The manufacturing and distributions systems are custom built software applications that connect into their accounting application.  They systems are made up of five disparate applications and databases all written in unsupportable old technology.  Further, the systems are not documented and supporting infrastructure is not in place.  The sons recognize this as a problem and through another consultant, they have engaged with DHx to be part of the team in solving their concerns.

Solution Provided:

The overall solution will be to take out the custom applications and replace them with an off the shelf solution that meets the business needs.  Our partner and sponsoring consultant is driving the initiative and will be responsible for the new application selection and planning.  DHx has been asked to understand, document and replicate the environment in another location so that we can serve as the front line support while the evaluation process takes place which is expected to be approximately eighteen months.

Business Benefits:

The DHx team has aggregated the various applications and databases, installing the exact environment within the DHx infrastructure.  We can now mimic all business processes identifying breakdowns and providing support through the process.  The business can operate knowing they have a full team of experts supporting their business while only investing in a modest monthly fee.  No cost of a secondary site, no additional payroll, training or management of a technical team.  When it comes time to implement the new system, DHx can help with the data migration support and then exit out of the environment.

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