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Application Modernization is a widely used term specifically focused on updating and moving old systems to the modern, secure applications hosted in the Cloud. At DHx, we believe there is more… Our experience is that there are a lot of companies with outdated systems that are running on old technologies. Oftentimes, those technologies are no longer supported and the people that designed them are no longer with the company. Equally, many of these companies don’t have a technical team on board and are literally stuck trying to get by.



We help customers modernize these applications, in most cases by moving them to a cloud-based architecture and a modern database. 

We balance a desire to build a clean, new application with respect for the sense that the application you currently have is built into your corporate life in many cases--we need to respect the habits of the last twenty years while building something that will serve you well for the next twenty.

DHx has significant experience in helping companies work with their current systems while we architect solutions including the current functionality they are using but enhancing those systems with more features, more functionality, integrations, reporting and more. We work with our customers to determine if they want their new system located in their technical environment or in the cloud and we always offer an ongoing support plan fitting their specific needs and budget.

We have worked with all kinds of systems from Access to Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, FoxPro, SQL, MySQL and many more.

  • Is your old application supportable?
  • Are you experiencing downtime and business breakdowns?
  • Do you have a technical team that can help you?
  • Do you know where the code is?
  • Is your old system secure
  • Are you running your system on old technology?

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