We talk a lot about how many of our customers run their business on old systems that don’t necessarily talk to each other. Often, the only way to move data from one system to another–for example from a bid system to a project management system–is through manual entry or through downloading a spreadsheet from one system and uploading it to the other.

More recently, we are finding that in addition to using spreadsheets as part of the business operations, our customers are using Excel or Google Docs to drive opportunities into the business. We have now built a number of customized platforms that allow our customers to:

  • Track and assign new leads
  • Qualify opportunities
  • Manage opportunities through follow up stages
  • Develop professional estimates and proposals
  • Close business
  • Send invoices
  • And, calculate sales commissions.

In addition to ease of use, having these processes in an application instead of a spreadsheet makes it easy for management to monitor the follow up items, see the status of each opportunity, and to forecast.

If you are interested in having a conversation around automating your sales process, we’d love to chat.