Sales & Lead Management

When Off the Shelf Doesn’t Work

Over time, many of our customers have developed intricate ways of managing their sales processes and pipeline. Most of their methods, unfortunately, are disconnected and inefficient. We see a lot of companies using one Excel spreadsheet or Google Sheet to log their valuable leads. And, they may use a different spreadsheet or document to create a proposal. Then, they often do project management in a third system. Finally, billing comes out of a different system such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics or some other platform.

2 Sales Process-1

DHx has a proven record of working with customers to understand the specific nuances of their business to understand if and why a custom solution is the best choice for them. Assuming that is the best decision for the customer, we work with them to carefully craft the best solution that will meet and exceed their needs.

We work with our customers to develop more efficient systems that allow them to–

  • Log and track new leads
  • Make team assignments to the appropriate salesperson
  • Manage forecasts
  • Manage workflows and the sales process
  • Create professional custom proposals
  • Connect and feed information to your accounting systems

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