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Better Data - Better Businesses

For years we have heard that Data is the center of business value and Facebook, Google, Amazon, IBM and many others have proven that point. The core of your business and business systems is your data. At DHx, we see the challenges many businesses face in centralizing, organizing and effectively leveraging their information. 


The DHx team have developed significant expertise helping customers uncover the value hidden in their data–helping to provide superb service to customers, partners and employees. DHx offers expertise in data management, optimization and migration. We know how to aggregate data from multiple systems and untangle complex data so it offers value to your business. We can also migrate data across platforms, including Microsoft SQL Server, Hadoop, MongoDB, Oracle, SAP, MySQL, FoxPro, MS Access and more.

  • Do you have easy access to your information?
  • Can you report on it?
  • Is your data coherent with your various systems?
  • Do you require significant human interaction to move data between systems?
  • Is your information available in a timely manner?

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