eFrontPro released version 5.0 this Summer, representing a significant upgrade from version 4.5.xxx.

Highlights of the upgrade include:

  • New, more modern and eclectic system icons
  • Catalog updates
  • Updates to the custom page builder
  • Integrated help, and
  • The addition of custom reports

Customers have always liked the intuitive eFrontPro reporting interface. Historically, though, if you wanted to create a custom report, you had two choices: You could create the report as a plugin. Or, if you were hosting your own system, you could read the database directly.

With Version 5.0, you are able to create ad hoc and recurring reports using a simple interface within the application.

You can define output fields, ranging from user profile information to which branch they are on to which courses they are enrolled in and which ones they have completed with what score. You can filter the report using combinations of approximately 30 predefined filters. For example, you could limit the report to users who have completed a Basic Safety Training course but have not completed the Advanced Safety Training course. You could further limit the report to users in a specific department or on a specific shift.

The result is a detailed output that provides the precise information you want on the specific users you want to know about.

If you would like to learn more about eFrontPro 5.0 and the new reporting tool, please reach out to us at [email protected] As always, we are eager to help in any way we can.