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At DHx, our Instructional Design team is dedicated to helping our customers improve their eLearning outcomes by designing and building innovative, intuitive and compelling courses. We work closely with our customers to understand what are the business and human objectives for their learning programs as well as to review existing materials and work to determine what are the results needed for a successful program.

Design with creativity. Think about colors, characters, case scenarios, different and modern eLearning tools and trends. This is also where we will be thinking about assessments and tests so they are naturally designed into the course. This is also where we will build the storyboard or rapid prototyping and gain consensus from you and your subject matter experts.

Collaboratively, we will work to discover what the desired outcomes of the course are (who, what, where, when and how) and then analyze what is missing–what are the areas you need to focus the learning.



Understanding the objective and determining how success will be measured is critically important to your success. Allow our team of experts to work with you to help you understand the end game and work together to design, craft and build the most exciting and innovative courses for you and your team.

  • Are your courses primarily delivered with PowerPoint and Word?
  • Are you using video or animation?
  • Are you using industry standard formats such as SCORM?
  • Are your courses exciting and engaging?

Let’s find a time to talk and see how we can help!


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