Full-Service Training Partners

At DHx, we have created a combination of tools and expertise that enable us to go beyond technology providers. We partner with our customers to combine world-class training platforms with strategies to effectively drive training in your organization. We also work to make rolling out training programs easy with a combination of services, pre-developed content, and turnkey platforms.

eFront Learning Management System

eFront is a powerful, yet intuitive, learning and talent development platform that is ideal for corporate training and for training providers. eFront will enable your business to improve employee training while saving time and money. It will make it easier to manage and audit on-going certification and compliance training. And, it will give your employees the ability to access training where and when they need it.

Social Learning

As important as formal training programs are, the vast majority of learning still happens employee to employee on the job. By coupling a Social Learning platform, such as IBM Connections, with eFront, we can help you drive employee engagement and enable employees to tap into the knowledge that exists within your organization. Social Learning is especially useful in making new employees feel connected and in capturing knowledge that would otherwise be lost to retirement.

Other Services

In addition to providing training tools such as eFront and consulting on your training strategy and content, our technical expertise enables us to offer a range of services in order to customize your environment. We are able to integrate the learning platform with other applications, such as HR systems and CRM platforms. We are able to customize eFront to your specific needs. And we are able to create custom hosting environments to meet stringent security requirements.

Training Content

Having a world-class learning management platform is great. But, it’s not useful without compelling training content that fits your needs. At DHx, we have the ability to develop course materials from scratch or to enhance your existing content. We are also happy to work with you to find the most appropriate third-party content for your business.

DHx Hosted Platform

While many of our customers want large, customized training platforms, we are also well aware that others simply want an easy-to-use platform in order to get their employees learning as quickly as possible. For these customers, we provide a fully-managed cloud environment and they can be up in running in a matter of days or even hours.


Many of us spent the early parts of our careers attending week-long classes in order to get our training–usually annually. Modern technology makes it possible to get bite-sized training more regularly. We can learn in a cab as easily as we can learn at our desks. Such microlearning improves training outcomes and can significantly reduce training costs. Also, microlearning offers employees the ability to review precisely what they need to know precisely when they need it.