A powerful, yet simple LMS

Ideal LMS for Training Providers

eFront is an ideal platform for training companies, as it enables you to easily create custom environment for literally hundreds of client companies. Each environment can have its own corporate branding, its own landing page, its own pricing, etc.

Key elements of eFront that make it ideal for companies who provide training to other companies include:

  • Branching: The ability to create custom, secure, branded environments for all of your customers
  • eCommerce: Integrated payment gateways allow you to easily take payment using platforms such as PayPal, Upay, or Stripe.
  • Single-sign on: Each of your customers can use their own internal credentials to access your system
  • Robust and customizable reporting

Fast Course Creation


Extended Enterprise


Fresh & Customizable


Gamification Engine


Offline Learning


Talent Management


Blended Learning


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Tracking & Reporting

Easily Assign, Track, and Audit Required Certification Training

eFront’s flexible certificate feature makes it easy to see who has completed required annual certification and compliance training. This makes it easy to manage stragglers, and even easier to manage auditors (from OSHA to EOE to FINRA). The feature also makes it easy to automatically reassign training on an annual or even quarterly basis, freeing administrators from a significant amount of tedious work and freeing the organization from things slipping through the cracks.

eFront is a powerful talent development system that works whether you train online, in the classroom or both. Own your training content with custom branding while tracking employee progress, meeting company goals and staying compliant. eFront is trusted by hundreds of companies and organizations around the world. Find out why by trying our eFront demo.

Discover eFront

Discover what mobile-friendly eFront can offer your organization. From progress reporting to content creation and blended learning, find out how the system streamlines employee training so you save time and money while getting the results your business needs.

Tracking & Reporting

Monitor employee training easily with built-in course tracking features and an advanced test engine. Make better decisions when developing courses and learning tools by accessing reports whenever you need them.

Extended Enterprise Learning

Offer all your training from one convenient place. eFront houses all learning resources in a centralized repository. Employees from different departments (and even different companies) can instantly access materials and courses through privately branded portals that can be customized to their specific needs.

Fast Course Creation

Build custom eLearning courses quickly using existing content. eFront allows users to add presentations, documents, images, video and SCORM and TinCan compliant content to create courses. Expand your offerings by bringing in web-based material from sites like Wikipedia, Prezi and YouTube.

Mobile Ready

Train employees anywhere with eFront’s mobile-ready design. The interface was built from the ground up to ensure reliability when accessing content using mobile devices. Offer a flexible learning experience that matches your brand and preferences.


IBM Connections Integration

IBM Connections, an enterprise social network that, when used in conjunction with eFront creates a social learning environment that helps employees learn from each other.

Open Sesame Integration

OpenSesame, an eLearning marketplace that makes buying and selling eLearning courses as easy as downloading a song from iTunes.

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