IBM Connections Cloud: Rethinking How Work Works

IBM Connections gives companies the essential tools they need to collaborate more effectively by sharing ideas and working across boundaries.

IBM Connections is a market-leading business social network platform that can help you:

Expand Your Social Reach

  • Collaborate with people outside of your inner circle. IBM Connections can allow for conversations with contractors, vendors, partners and customers on a secure platform.
  • Strengthen relationships with the help of social analytics.
  • Work efficiently within one familiar environment. IBM Connections embeds many third party business applications so you can do it all inside one system.
  • IBM Connections Mail supports Microsoft Exchange and IBM Domino messaging services for an integrated calendar and social experience.

Engage Employees

  • The user-friendly interface makes it easy to focus on what’s important
  • Build and maintain strong relationships using social analytics and personalization
  • Embedded tools let employees work within a single, familiar environment, even when using third party applications.
  • Connections Mail integrates to keep calendars and social email in one place.
  • Supports Microsoft Exchange and IBM Domino messaging services.

Share Ideas Anywhere

  • Anyone can ask for, share and improve on ideas from any level within your company and any physical location.
  • View trends in social activity, expertise and content to make better decisions.
  • Stay on top of what you need to know with IBM Connections recommendations.
  • Engage employees, customers and partners to encourage contributions.

Encourage Innovation & Action

  • Bring people together and work with anyone, even in an offline setting.
  • Learn what’s going on within your business using activity streams.
  • Make informed decisions and take action sooner without leaving the network.
IBM Connections Components

IBM Connections Components

IBM Connections has a diverse selection of components which brings together a suite of functionality that is focused on improving communication and collaboration both within an organization and with vendors, partners, and customers.

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