End to End Planning

The Heart-Beat of Your Business

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are not just for big companies and you may have one but call it something else. But if you have software that manages customers, tracks customer and vendor orders, manages inventory and more–you have an ERP system. Thousands of businesses are struggling with platforms that do not effectively manage and support their business objectives making it more difficult to compete and succeed in our ever changing business environment.


At DHx, we help businesses either find new, off the shelf solutions or help design, build and implement new custom ERP solutions in support of their business initiatives. We have significant experience working with customers to understand their business, their ecosystems, their workflows and processes so that we can craft solutions that will meet both today’s and tomorrow's challenges.

  • Do your key systems effectively support your business?
  • Is your team as efficient as they could be?
  • Are your systems connected to your customers and suppliers?
  • Can you leverage better pricing or preferred delivery methods?
  • Could your business earn more money if your systems supported the business more effectively?

Maybe, maybe not–let’s talk!


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