At DHx Software, we are laser focused on solving business problems, not just technical ones. Whether we are working with a large SAAS provider, a construction company, or the owner of a local manufacturing firm, we strive to understand our customer’s business problems and find a solution that works – even if the best solution doesn’t involve more software.

Software Development

We help our customers build world-class software products that range from enterprise applications to SaaS, ecommerce and mobile applications. Our team is flexible and adaptable so our customers can mix and match services with existing resources.

Our successful past projects include:

  • A complete student information system for a trades college
  • A learning management system that supports nearly 1,000,000 students
  • An ecommerce solution for a green electricity supplier
  • An extensible database used to optimize organic farming practices
  • A custom employee certification and badging system for a construction company
  • A large and complex enterprise resource management platform for trade companies
Software Developemet

Application Integration

In today’s competitive business world, organizations in all industries are looking for ways to get more out of their current applications and systems while adopting newer technologies. Too often, businesses use multiple systems that don’t talk to each other. Data that is carefully entered into the CRM system by the sales team never makes it into the project management system. And, that system doesn’t talk to the accounting system. Or, revenue forecasts aren’t tied to production planning and inventory levels, requiring a business owner to run the business from a spreadsheet.

At DHx, we have significant experience helping disparate systems talk to each other so that data is captured accurately and so that employees have access to the information they need and so that tedious processes can be automated. Some examples of our integration experience include:

Software Gears

Our key areas of integration experience include:

  • Integrating information between two companies using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Integrating applications with SAP, Oracle and Microsoft
  • API design and interface development
  • Integration with SaaS implementations

Data Management and Migration

Data has become the most important asset a company can possess in a digital world. Accurate, easily available and well-organized information is key to running your business smoothly. It’s also necessary when providing superb service to customers, partners and employees.

DHx offers expertise in data management, optimization and migration. We know how to aggregate data from multiple systems and untangle complex data so it offers value to your business. We can also migrate data across platforms, including Microsoft SQL Server, Hadoop, MongoDB, Oracle, SAP, MySQL, Access and more.

Data Management and Migration
Dashboards and Reporting

Dashboards and Reporting

As important as it is to collect accurate information, business owners and employees need to be able to access that data quickly and need to understand it easily. At the same time, controls need to be put into place so that employees only see the information that is appropriate for them to see.

We have done extensive work in building custom reporting systems for our customers to help them understand and run their businesses. We have also built custom dashboards that aggregate information from as many as five independent systems. These dashboards allow people to go to one spot and see all of the information they need as they need it, rather than having to look in five places and then extrapolate.

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Documentation Services

In addition to writing software, we offer a host of documentation services. We can help our customers develop product requirements, training materials, and technical marketing materials, including presentations, white papers, and product collateral.


Manufacturing / Construction

While our skills and experience span multiple industries, we have a special relationship to construction and manufacturing, two industries where our customers find they have four or five applications that are essential to the business, but which don’t necessarily work together. Data is scattered across multiple systems, and owners frequently use spreadsheets to bring things together in order to understand where they are and to do project planning. Examples of work we do in these industries include:

  • Tieing systems such as project management applications, production planning, and inventory together.
  • Providing support for legacy systems when the legacy teams are no longer around.
  • Creating centralized databases to ensure that different applications are acting on the right data.
  • Migrating existing applications into a cloud environment for better cost, better reliability, and easier access.
  • Evaluating new applications to help our customers consolidate multiple applications into a single, modern application.

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