A Business Approach

Even the simplest businesses can be complicated. Many of our customers have custom-built software applications that they use to manage their businesses--businesses as diverse as manufacturing and construction to finance, healthcare and leasing companies. 

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We help these companies build flexible, modern software platforms that range from the system they use to run their business to custom sales systems, warranty management systems, customer portals, and mobile applications. Our approach is collaborative. We find that most of our customers don't want to talk about technology. They want to talk about their businesses and how to make them more efficient, more secure, more sustainable, and ultimately more profitable. We excel at translating business-focused discussions into applications that are easy to use and address the nuances of each customer's business.


Our Specialization

Workflow and Design Strategy Consulting

Application Design & Development

Application Modernization

Application Integrations

Custom Portals & Websites

Data Management & Migration

Enterprise Resource Planning

Custom Sales Platforms

MS Access Migration

Custom Cloud Hosting & Management



Contact Information
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Case Studies 

DHx Software has expertise in a wide range of industries including Government, Military, Financial Services, FinTech, Commercial and Residential Construction, Retail, Grocery, Manufacturing and more.