Predictive Analytics

The big data revolution is here, yet many businesses are not ready. They haven’t developed a way to use data to gain insight and make sound decisions that can have a significant impact on business. Simply storing information is one thing, but do you know how to unlock the value of the data you own? For those of us who aren’t Google or Amazon, the answer isn’t always obvious and even experts can be wrong. Unlocking the value in your data often requires combining multiple features in complicated ways. And as the industry and your operation changes, so does the way you need to manage your data.

DHx brings extensive experience in helping customers build applications to collect data. We know how to design databases and how to integrate data streams from multiple sources. We also work with Natural Selection, a 20 year old predictive analytics company based in San Diego. By combining methods, DHx and NSI are able to help you capture hidden value from complex data.

For example, we can help you:

  • Choose the best product, price and time to meet the needs of specific groups of consumers.
  • Get the most out of your resources, from factory equipment and trucks to advertising funds.
  • Identify potential risk associated with individual transactions or portfolios.