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Followed by the Consulting and Design phase, the development phase is where we begin to bring the new Courses to life. As we transition from storyboards to real technology we will be working with your subject matter experts to start implementing your content and messaging into the new course. This process provides ample time for review and changes where necessary.

The Art In Automating Business Processes For Small To Midsize Companies


At DHx, our Instructional Design team works closely with our customers to understand the end game and the ultimate objectives of the project. There is no one size fits all program. We work hard to identify all of the issues including budget and schedule in order to customize our approach. 

During our consulting and analysis phase many of the details will be worked out including what tools and technologies will be used in an effort to develop outstanding courses and content. Our team of experts have experience using new and innovative tools such as Adobe Captivate and, Articulate 360 in addition to video and animation tools and more.

  • Will we track information to determine course effectiveness?
  • Are the short tests or quizzes informative?
  • Have we provided a method for feedback?
  • How will we make sure the courses are effective and the results are being met?

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