At DHx, we are proud to help our customers evaluate and implement the eFront learning management system. Our customers love the intuitive interface, the ability to easily track compliance training, to create unique environments for different audiences. They also love the simplicity-and power– of the eFrotn reporting capabilities. Further, they appreciate the flexibility of the eFront system and our ability to customize it–for example by creating custom certification logic, custom dashboards, custom reports, and integrating the system with HR, CRM, and other platforms.

We’ve come to appreciate that in addition to the platform, our customers appreciate the services we wrap around the platform, and our commitment to making their businesses successful.


In the end, we understand that not everyone is going to need the same thing in an LMS and that there are lots of good platforms out there. We’d just encourage you to make sure that in the process of evaluating the platforms that you also evaluate the organization that will be supporting you.

If you would like to learn more about eFront or about our array of services, please reach out at [email protected].


Jim and Bruce