Technology is making it easier for training companies to increase their reach and to sell courses to a range of customers, from local small businesses to multinational corporations. The new world is not without its challenges, though. Managing a large number of diverse customers, many of whom likely have custom requirements, can be demanding logistically and technically. Further, with the increased reach, companies are exposed to intense competition. It is becoming increasingly easy for customers to switch to a different training provider at a moment’s notice.

By packaging your training with the right Learning Management System, you can more easily create and manage the content and also make your offering more valuable to your customers while also making it harder for them to go somewhere else. The trick is finding the ‘right’ LMS. An LMS that is perfect for HR training may not be perfect for selling training to a number of external audience. Here are a couple of key features to look for:

1: Multiple Private Environments: For many training companies, it is imperative to have a system that can be segmented so that all of your customers have a private environment that you can customize to their needs.

2: A Good Integration Capability: It can also be very useful to have a platform that is easy to integrate with your applications, such as your CRM, and with your customer’s HR systems. Such a capability makes it easier to run your business and also makes your offering stickier with your customer.

3: Excellent Reporting Functionality: We find that many of our customers who do have platforms already are frustrated with the reporting tools. If you can’t easily report on the activity in the LMS, both you and your customers will be frustrated.

There are, of course, a number of other features for training companies to look for when selecting an LMS. For more, please see our new white paper: 13 Features of a Learning Management System that are Essential for Training Companies

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